Stop rewarding corrupt officials – Anna Bossman speaks

Monday, 2 December 2019 Source:

Ghana’s Ambassador to France, Anna Bossman has called on Ghanaians, especially government to stop shielding corrupt officials when exposed.
According to her, these persons who flout the laws are mostly either promoted to a higher office or moved to another sector to operate.
But in fighting against this uncalled for behaviour, the Ambassador to France emphasised the need to sanction these persons without fear or favour if not, these corrupt persons are likely to exhibit their bad behaviours at their new designation.
Speaking at the launch of anti-corruption and transparency week in Accra on Monday, December 2, 2019, the ambassador argued that “When a person has done something wrong and there’s clear violations, it has to of course be investigated properly, etc. I’m not saying that they should be witch-hunting or anything, no. What I’m saying is that when there have been good investigations, credible investigations and we have found that somebody, whether it is a public officer or a corporate person has done something wrong, the…correct sanctions should be applied without fear or favour.”
Anna Bossman continued that authorities need to refrain from their lackadaisical attitude towards the fight against corruption by complying to the laws and policies spelt out in their place of work.
The law, when applied to everyone fairly will win the trust of Ghanaians and would equally hasten in the fight against corruption.
She, therefore, called on all to employ people with good moral characters, as well as strong ethical believes to help eradicate corruption, the daunting challenge to good governance, sustainable economic growth in the country.