You Impacted Our World Positively, Mr. Kofi Annan
Death in old age is an honour, but that of a great icon, an inspiration and asset to humanity is a very great loss.
Mr. Kofi Annan, a former Secretary General of the United Nations, the first and only one from Sub-Saharan Africa and a patriotic Ghanaian, served the world in dignity and left fond memories on the minds of many; in essence, he was an asset to the world.
His exemplary leadership, lifestyle, peaceful nature and respect for humanity have contributed to the peace we are enjoying in the world today.

His impartiality and fairness in our domestic politics placed him at the zenith of respect earning him the admiration of all. Mr. Annan has served his country, continent and the world admirably well. His, has been a life well-lived; a fulfilling one as such.
I wish him a peaceful rest from his labour of love and great service to humanity.
I hope leaders in the world, especially those in our country and continent emulate the enduring virtues of this great man so as to impact our world positively. Again, the youth who are aspiring to lead, must take lessons from the exemplary life of this our great country man and patriot.

At the investiture of the first female Chancellor of the University of Ghana, and the country, Mrs. Mary Chinery-Hesse, I had attended the event to see him, but we were told he could not attend due to ill-health. Sad I never met him in person.
Damirifa Due!
God bless Ghana.
By Dr. Kingsley Nyarko
(Executive Secretary, National Accreditation Board)

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