Dr. Mrs. Lilian Ayete-Nyampong

Dr. Mrs. Lilian Ayete-Nyampong is the Director of the Research Department at the Head office of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ). She has worked with the CHRAJ for nearly two decades. Within the period, she served in capacities of Head of the Research Unit and Deputy Director of the Public Education Department. Dr. Ayete-Nyampong has played a pioneering role in the establishment of a research function and its current expanded role as a department. She has contributed to and supervised vital institutional research reports yielding useful empirical evidence in Ghana pertaining to the observance of human rights in Ghana’s prisons and police cells, the general state of human rights (SOHR) including the socio-economic rights of the citizenry as well as the human rights situation of vulnerable persons including women and children subjected to inimical cultural practices, witchcraft accusations, forced marriages and worst forms of child labour. Some of these reports are:  CHRAJ. (2000; 2001;2002;2003;2005;2006). Inspection of Prisons and Police cells in Ghana; CHRAJ. (2000; 2001;2002;2003;2005;2006;2007;2008). The State of Human Rights in Ghana; CHRAJ (2015) Mapping Number and Profile of Institutions Involved in Child Protection in Ghana. A research study commissioned by UNICEF; CHRAJ (Forthcoming) Exploitative Child Labour in Fishing communities in Ghana: Views of Children and other Actors.

Lilian is an Educationist and a Development Sociologist with academic interests in qualitative methodologies, actor perspectives, prison ethnography, juvenile justice reform, gender and disability as well as children & youth studies. Her recent scholarly contributions including those published in refereed journals have focused on insider insights about children in conflict with the law in committal in correctional centres in Ghana as well as the Juvenile Justice System in Ghana. They include: Ayete-Nyampong, L. (2011). Situating CRC Implementation Processes in the Local Context of Correctional Institutions for Children in Conflict with the Law in Ghana. In: Ame, R., Agbenyiga, D., and Apt, N. (eds.), Children’s Rights in Ghana: Reality or Rhetoric? (pp. 169-191). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books; Ame, R., Ayete-Nyampong, L., and Gakpleazi, D. (2014). Assessment of Child Panels and some Key Indicators of Ghana‘s Juvenile Justice System. Report, Government of Ghana and UNICEF, Accra, June; Ame, R., Ayete-Nyampong, L. and Gakpleazi, D. (2014). Quantitative Analysis of some Key Indicators of Ghana‘s Juvenile Justice System. Report, Government of Ghana and UNICEF, Accra, June; Ayete-Nyampong, L. (2014). Entangled Governance Practices and the Illusion of Producing Compliant Inmates in Correctional Centres for Juvenile and Young Offenders in Ghana. Prison Service Journal: Everyday Prison Governance in Africa (214), pp27-32; Ayete-Nyampong, L. 2015. Changing Hats: Transiting between Practitioner and Researcher Roles. In: Drake Deborah, H., Rod, E. &Jennifer, (eds.) The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Ethnography. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan; Ayete-Nyampong, L.  (2017) Practicalities and Complexities Surrounding Escape Occurrences in Ghana’s Correctional centers for Children in Conflict with the Law. International Journal of Research in Sociology and Anthropology Volume 3, Issue 2, 2017, pp 1-7; Ayete-Nyampong, L., & Visser, L.   (2017) Gaps Between Literature Portraying Child Rearing Practices and Young Offenders’ Views of their Growing up Experiences. Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Vol.5, No.9, pp.71-84; Ayete-Nyampong (2017) Disjunctures: Towards Correction and Education of Young Offenders in Committal in Ghana, Journal of Relational Child and Youth Care Practice; Ayete-Nyampong (2018) Insider Insights about Educational Provisions for Children in Conflict with the Law in Correctional Centres In Ghana. Asia Pacific Journal of Contemporary Education and Communication Technology.

Lilian undertook her undergraduate studies in Ghana, obtained a master’s degree at Aberdeen University, Scotland in 1995 and a PhD degree in 2013 at the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands.